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Our vision is to bring innovation, exceptional customer service and promote local growth in all the sectors we operate.
We aim to achieve our vision through sustainable organic growth, innovation, good corporate citizenship, high degree of care, respect and mutual benefit for both internal and external stakeholders.

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Our Story

Originally founded as Imexco Ghana Ltd., our journey began with a focus on trading agro commodities, along with wholesale and distribution operations. Over the years, our team undertook relentless efforts to improve the quality and variety of products Ghanaians have access to. Eventually, customer satisfaction propelled us to expand our horizons.

In 1994, we embarked on a new chapter by venturing into the beverage industry, becoming the sole authorised distributor of Moet & Hennessy for Ghana. This pivotal move marked the beginning of our evolution into a multi-faceted conglomerate with a diverse portfolio spanning various industries. Since, we’ve dedicated ourselves to sourcing and representing some of the world’s most distinguished and prestigious brands throughout Ghana.

For the past three decades, we have evolved and developed alongside our customer base. From agro commodities to iconic beverages and food processing, our journey has been defined by growth, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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